Dear Friends of BEMA,

Many of you know me as the teacher of BEMA — or “rabs,” as some of my students call me. I actually serve as the President of Impact Campus Ministries (ICM), and since 2011 I have been funded as a self-supported missionary by the generosity of others. Without the financial partnership of people like you, I could not do what I get to do today. Luke 8 tells us that Jesus’s entire ministry with his disciples was funded by others, and I get to share in this same experience. If you’d ever like to give back to BEMA and help us accomplish our goals, I would be honored by your gifts.

My family and I raise an annual budget that supports our salaries, provides our benefits, and funds the expenses of running our ministry. You could choose to support our family in this way. You could choose to help fund the work of the BEMA program specifically as we work with students and do the things necessary to make disciples (and even record our podcasts). You could also choose to help support the work of ICM nationwide. There are needs in all three of these categories, but one of our biggest needs is in this final area. Leading a national nonprofit organization takes significant resources, and we like to keep those expenses as separate as we can from the direct ministry that our staff engage in. Giving to the “General Fund” is never as sexy as giving to a ministry directly, but it’s just as vital to the work we all do. Maybe God would put it on your heart to give to the place that few do.

Your support to any of these funds would be an incredible encouragement to me, my family, my colleagues, and our organization. Thank you in advance for supporting the work of BEMA and ICM.

In the Service of Him Who Serves,
Marty Solomon
President // Impact Campus Ministries

If you would like to support the work of BEMA financially, please visit Impact Campus Ministries.

Follow the instructions to mail a donation in, send one online, or even set up recurring donations. Simply designate the gift preference for “Marty Solomon” if you’d like to support him personally, “BEMA Ministry” (under the “Ministry Team” tab) if you’d like to support the work of BEMA, or “General Fund” if you’d like to support the work of campus ministry nationally.

Impact Campus Ministries is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible.